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Lenovo default administrator password

We dedicate to providing trusted solutions for users with the freedom to simply enjoy music, photos, videos and more. We live in a world where everyone is frequently encouraged to create a wildly-unique password to protect important data on our PCs and mobile devices.

But sometimes it also leaves us fumbling with our own password when a log-on screen comes up. In this article, we discussion a common occurrence that any of us might encounter, how can you reset the password and get back in if you've forgotten password for Lenovo computer with windows 7? If aforementioned methods are not available, you're still in lucky since there are many of tools out there that give you ability to reset a password of an administrator and user account in Windows 7 system on Lenovo.

Spower Windows Password Reset is our favorite. It aims to provide an easy way to rest the password on your Lenovo computer with Windows 7, as well as other systems including Windows XP, Vista, 8, What is more, it enables you to create a new account with admin privileges.

There are three versions see edition comparison here of the program to reset the password. Step 1: Run the program on a second PC and create a password reset disk. Plug a blank USB flash drive into the computer. Press the blue USB device and then press Start burning in the next screen to create a password reset disk.

After the burning completes, remove the USB drive from the computer, and insert it into your Lenovo computer that needs to reset the Windows 7 password. Normally, when your computer starts up, it boots itself from Windows installation. This time, you have to change the order to make your computer go to the USB disk first.

Step 2: Boot your problematic Lenovo PC from the disk that you just burned. Keep press the key until the BIOS screen comes up. Please check the message that indicates which key you need to press carefully to open BIOS menu. If you don't catch the message the first time, simply try again. Now your problematic Lenovo machine will restart and boot from the disk, be patient.

Now that the computer will boot from the password reset disk, a few seconds later you will eventually see the program interface, as shown below. In the screen, you can see a list of user names and their corresponding password status that the program detects on Windows 7 system. Now, you can do exactly what you want to do. Select a Windows 7 operating system most of PCs have a single OS installed on a single partition on hard driveand select the admin or user account you'd like to reset the lost password, press Reset button at the bottom of the screen and you're off.

The program will reset the password in your Windows 7 Lenovo computer instantly to empty, so you don't leave the machine and go through the last step. You're done! We have one last thing to do before we are done. Go ahead and click the Reboot and reboot your machine. You have to pull out the disk from your computer in case of boot from it again.

The computer will boot from Windows normally.

Lost admin password w10 lenovo

You can now login with that account without a password. One more thing, the Ultimate version of this application even allows you to add a new account with admin rights. Windows 7 Password Reset on Dell Computer. Windows 7 Password Recovery Software. Note, the layout of BIOS on different motherboards may be a little bit difference. Related Articles.I was recently working with some Lenovo hardware, and I decided to take the opportunity to update and expand my Lenovo BIOS password management script.

My goal was to have a script that could change or clear existing passwords and could display a prompt to the screen when manual intervention was required. The script can be downloaded from my GitHub.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password on Lenovo Computer

This means that we can use PowerShell to directly view and edit BIOS settings without the need for a vendor specific program. This script deals specifically with Lenovo BIOS passwords, so in this post, I will only be discussing the classes related to password management.

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine what passwords are currently configured. These two lines will return a number 0 — 7 that tells us what passwords are currently set.

For reference, this is what each value means:. The next step is to action on this data and either change or clear the BIOS password. These two lines will attempt to change the supervisor password from OldPassword to NewPassword.

Lenovo BIOS Password Management

The type of password being modified is determined by the first value inside the double quotes, in this case pap, which is the supervisor password. For reference, here are the values for the other password types:. For more detailed information on the Lenovo WMI interface, as well as a list of supported hardware models, refer to the official documentation.

This script takes the basic commands we just looked at and adds logic to allow for a more automated password management process. The script accepts parameters that tell it which actions to perform. By default, if the script fails to perform any of these actions, it will display a message box on the screen and exit with an error code. This can be useful in a task sequence scenario where you may not want a system to continue with the task sequence if the BIOS password is not set correctly.

However, if you want the script to be completely silent, there are a few parameters that can be set. When the script runs, it will write to a log file. By default, this log file will be named Manage-LenovoBiosPasswords. Blank Passwords The first limitation is actually imposed by Lenovo for security reasons.

The first time a BIOS password is set, it must be set manually. It is not possible to programmatically set a BIOS password when one does not already exist. The script does have logic to detect for this scenario, and will throw an error and prompt the user if that is the case.

Lenovo has recently added a System Deployment Boot Mode to newer hardware models that allows setting a password. I will look into this more in the future to see if it can be incorporated into the script.

Password Lockout The second limitation is also imposed by Lenovo for security reasons. If enough wrong password attempts are made, the system will lock and require a reboot to continue attempting passwords.

Even though the lockout number is 3 or 6, depending on hardware model, the way this script is written, you can only specify either 2 or 5 old passwords in the old password parameters.Lenovo is one of the most popular computer brands across the globe.

The most important feature of BIOS is to change the boot order and switch boot modes. This would be a dangerous operation if someone accesses your computer without permission. So in order to prevent unauthorized access, Lenovo put two security mechanisms to combat this activity by adding a power-on or BIOS password. You have to input the correct password when accessing BIOS setup utility after you added a password. This is the same to power-on password, which you have to type the right password after booting.

However, this would cause some problem in future if you forgot the BIOS password or power-on password. This is common case as the chances of accessing BIOS is rare.

Fortunately, there are ways to recover the password. I will tell how to do this in the following parts. After setting a power-on password on Lenovo computer or laptop, you have to input the correct password when the command prompt pops up during power on. If you forgot the passwordthen you have no chance to get into BIOS. This tutorial tells you how to remove power-on password.

Follow the below instructions, I have used Lenovo ThinkPad as an example in this part. You should be very careful during the process. Take the parts into order so you can re-assembly them easily afterwards. Once you recovered the password, you should write down the password in a paper or password manager apps if you chose to add a new one to BIOS.

Cathryn Akerman is a professional freelance technology author and worked 8 years as a computer system engineer. Cathryn keeps sharing this computer skills current through UUkeys to her readers and clients. How to recover lost or forgotten password for Windows XP.

How to Reset it. Step 1 : Turn off your Lenovo computer and leave the computer off for at least five seconds.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn More. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. I'm a bit of a pickle after rebooting in safe mode to reinstall power drivers. It asks for the password connected to my former Microsoft account in order to start up, which is the admin.

That account has been successfully reset after termination of the associated email address into this one. However on my computer this old account to log in stayed in place. Up until now I could circumvent this by using the PIN-code to log in, but because of the safe mode this is no longer the case.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Unfortunately the concerning PIN-secured admin-account is also the only one on the computer since it's a personal laptop.

If there is any way out of this I will make sure to never do that again, lesson learnt! The phone number is consistent with the old account in question. As you mentioned that you have the phone and email associated to that particular account, I would suggest you to reset the password by following the link below and check if you are able to create a new password.

Why can't you sign in? I have already gone through the process of creating a new password and account. Because of losing my past corporate email address I couldn't double-affirm my credentials, I waited for a month or so and thus have this account now. My name hasn't changed nor has my mobile phone number. My computer never made this lapse however and I'm stuck with a past Microsoft account to log in. Hence my question:. That way I can log in by PIN to make appropriate changes, apparently a command prompt can relieve me of this quirk.

If only this idea of prompting would have come earlier Feel free to bring other creative solutions! Did you try hard restarting the computer? Meanwhile, I would suggest you to enable the b uilt-in Administrator Account through command prompt in the Windows recovery environment by using an installation media. On a working PC, go to the Microsoft software download website.

Reference: Click Here. On the initial setup screen, enter your language and other preferences, and then select Next. If you're not seeing the setup screen, your PC might not be set up to boot from a drive. Check your PC manufacturer's website for info on how to change your PC's boot order, and then try again. Restart the computer and check if you are able to sign in through the new built in admin account.

April 7, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Site Feedback.Powerful password recovery software to recover password for Windows Microsoft account, local account, and domain account, without setting computer to factory mode and no data lost.

Easy, safe and efficient data backup solution. Supports almost all Windows systems! However, if you also forgot the administrator password, how to reset your Lenovo laptop to factory settings without password? If you have found the Recovery Key, go on to the steps below to restore your Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo ideapad 110 one key recovery /bypass password or reset your system

Power off your Lenovo laptop. If you can't turn off it normally, you can take out of the battery, and then connect it again. Click on "Start"and click on "Yes" when the prompt message pups up, to begin the restoration process. Wait for the system recovery process to complete, and then follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Lenovo laptop Windows settings.

If there is no Onekey Recovery on your Lenovo laptop, or you have clean installed the system on your laptop and cleared the system drive, and the Recovery file is removed or destroyed, this method would not work for you.

lenovo default administrator password

But on this way, you will need to select your user account and enter the password to get the resetting privileges. If you forgot your Lenovo laptop passwordthis way won't work for you. If boot well from the setup disk, you will see the installation screen come up, click on Next.

Click on the " Repair your computer" link on the left bottom of screen. There will be two options to choose: "Keep my files" and "Remove everything". Select the "Remove everything" option to remove all of your personal files on the system drive, or it will not help to remove the forgotten password from your user account.

lenovo default administrator password

Of cause, if you don't need to remove your user account and password, select "Keep my files" to keep your personal files. Select the drive that you will refresh, "Only the drive where Windows is install"or "All drives".

There also are two options to choose on the following step: "Just remove my files" or "Full clean the drive". Select the appropriate option according to your need. At last, click on "Reset" button, this will begin the resetting process. Before the resetting process, make sure your important data are backed up, once they are erased, they can't be recovered from your PC anymore.

Make sure your Lenovo laptop is plugged into power during the process of restoration, once the recovery process is started, can't be paused or stopped. Windows Password Tuner. Download Buy. Cocosenor Backup Tuner. Click on "Troubleshoot" on the Choose an option screen. Click on "Reset this PC" on the Troubleshoot screen.Powerful password recovery software to recover password for Windows Microsoft account, local account, and domain account, without setting computer to factory mode and no data lost.

Easy, safe and efficient data backup solution. Supports almost all Windows systems!

lenovo default administrator password

How to reset or clear the forgotten password? When you get problem with your laptop, you had better contact with the manufacture support and ask for their recommended methods to unlock your BIOS setup settings. But as I see in the official site of Lenovo laptop, they can't help to reset your BIOS password if you forgot the old password, they will recommend you to have the system board replaced.

There is a backdoor password built-in to the BIOS by the manufacture. It is hidden, so we can't see it normally, but we can try to find it out on the master password site. On the password text box try with three passwords, if all these three passwords are incorrect, you will be blocked with the screen "System Disabled".

And you will get a code to get the backdoor password. Write this code down. Enter the code you get on the System Disable screen and click on Get password. You will get a list of passwords. Go to your laptop, restart it and press F1 key to boot to the BIOS entry screen again, and then try with the list of passwords one by one. But you only be able to enter three incorrect passwords before your system is locked. Good luck with you!

Power off your Lenovo laptop, disconnect with the power source, unplug all of the cables from laptop. Power off laptop, disconnect with the power source, disassemble laptop. Pay attention to the screw model and location, you can take a photo with it. Or if the machine assemble is completed, but you find that there are still a few small screws left, you will have a headache.

When disassemble the laptop, find the chip.An administrator admin password is the password to any Windows account that has administrator level access. There's also a built-in "Administrator" account in all versions of Windows that functions as another admin user account, but it doesn't typically show up on the logon screen and most people don't know it exists. If you're trying to log in to the actual "Administrator" account, try leaving the password blank.

This trick doesn't work nearly as often in newer versions of Windows as it did in Windows XP but it's still worth a shot. Depending on how Windows was set up on your computer, the primary user account will often be configured with administrator privileges.

Have another person enter his or her credentials. If other users have accounts on your computer, one of them may be set up with administrator access. If this technique works, ask the other person to designate you as an administrator as well. Or, ask have him change your password for you. Recover an administrator password using a Windows password recovery tool. You might be able to recover or reset an administrator password with one of these free tools. Some can also enable accounts like the "Administrator" account.

Perform a clean install of Windows. For example, if you need an admin password to access operating system diagnostic tools and these tools support your last effort to save your PC, performing a clean install will work because you'll have an opportunity to set up a new account from scratch during Windows setup. The administrator password is needed in some situations, but if you find that you have a hard time remembering your password when you need it, there are some things you can do to avoid forgetting it again in the future.

One method many people use to store user account passwords is a password manager. All you need to remember is one password, and then inside the password vault is a list of all your hard-to-remember passwords, which could include your Windows administrator password. The official Microsoft way to never forget your password is to make a Windows password reset disk so that any time you forget your password, even if you've changed it a dozen times since you made the disk, you can always get in to your administrator account.

Although it isn't super secure, something else you can do is avoid having to type the administrator password ever again. To do that, you can set up your computer to automatically log in to Windows. The password is remembered for you so that all you have to do is turn your computer on to log in.