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How many guest can attend a courthouse wedding

See our related wedding FAQs. So I was wondering how many people can you have a court house wedding? Like we want our grandparents and family there. I would ask. I don't think there's a limit. If it is in a court room then the more the merrier pry but most likely it'll be in a jop office or room and it'll be smaller.

I'd ask at the local courthouse. Good luck!! I saw a few court house ceremonys from other military couples who got married in the same court house and they were actually in a court room!

So, I am hoping we can have everyone! My family is 6 ppl alone and his is if his niece and nephew come plus our grandparents thats more people. You might not have to do a court house, if you don't want to.

We did a family ceremony at my uncle's house last month. About 30 people. My brother and his ex-wife got married a month before the wedding so they could get the on-base housing right away, and they did it with just me and my brother's friend in a small room at our church. So just in case you can't all fit at the courthouse, there's some ideas for you!! Log in Join now. Weddings Forums Planning Discussions Number of people at a court house ceremony.

Expert November Number of people at a court house ceremony madisonon June 20, at AM Posted in Planning 0 3. Saved Save. Hello All! Master July Master June Comment on this discussion. WeddingWire celebrates love Learn more.

Planning Basics. Wedding Flowers. Places to Celebrate. Wedding Decor. Honeymoon Advice. Wedding Registry. Download the WeddingWire Planning App. Connect with us Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Are you a vendor? Learn about WeddingWire for Business. Going to a wedding?In December, my niece Carrmen married her longtime boyfriend at a courthouse in Washington, D. It was the most heartfelt wedding I've been to in years, and as lovely as any big venue affair.

Maybe it's a rare opportunity to say, "Yes, we're going small and simple, but who says we're going boring? I combined what I saw at my niece's wedding, and asked another pro to help with his advice, too: wedding guru David Tutera. Seriously, his "you've got to be kidding me" face is priceless.

Courthouses are great for time-crunched brides. Though you might be in a rush to get this "I do" thing over already, do the right thing and properly invite your guests. A "We're getting married! You'll be tempted to cut corners here, since courtrooms are small and only about 10 guests will be allowed to attend. So much easier to just send a group text message, right? Take a few minutes to create and send an online invitation.

How to Make a Courthouse Wedding Special (With DOs and DON'Ts from David Tutera!)

E-invites are totally OK, but chose one that looks like it's suited for a wedding, not a Super Bowl party. When choosing your invitation design, says Tutera, select one that's beautiful and personal.

My niece Carrmen wore a shades-of-gray BCBG stunner—tiered and ruffled, cocktail length with a sweet ribbon belt. Best part?

There's No Lucky Percentage of Guests Who Will Attend a Wedding

She scored it on sale. The day of the wedding, her best friend, who's a costume designer on Broadway, fashioned a short n' sassy over-the-eye veil using French hat netting and bobby pins in fewer than 10 minutes!

Like Carrmen, many courthouse brides forfeit traditional gowns for cocktail dresses in anything but white. But Tutera told me he thinks wearing white is a great way of making sure you enjoy every last drop of bridal bliss on your big day: "A woman only gets to be a bride once, so I really do like the idea of white—from a traditional bridal gown and veil to a shorter casual white dress with a great hair accessory, even a gorgeous white skirt or pants suit.

how many guest can attend a courthouse wedding

Expect bag checks and conveyor belts or the staid accommodations the room you get married in will probably look like a castoff from the set of The Office keep you from being a jaw-droppingly fabulous bride. No wedding is complete without them, says Tutera. Your must-haves are a bouquet for you and boutonniere for him. Bonus points if you spring for corsages and boutonnieres for all your guests, whom you'll likely be able to count on two hands.

With such a small number, your guests are like your wedding party. So, why not let them feel special? Ask a guest with a professional-level camera and the skills to match to capture the story of the day—from the "bride getting ready" scene in your living room to your stylish departure from the scene. Think Marilyn Monroe emerging from the courthouse arm-in-arm with husband Joe DiMaggio on her wedding day. And why not get great pics of you looking fabulous as you wait in line at security check?

A courtroom might not have all the "chuppa and glamour" of a big ceremony, says Tutera, "but the photos captured during the nuptials should be about you and your groom, and the moment, not the walls behind you!

Let your guests tag along and get group shots! Ask your most congenial friend to get there early and play hostess for the day. Your guests will likely be in a waiting area for a bit, so the hostess's job will be to smile and make friendly introductions, keeping the energy high and joyous.

It could be a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party in the private room of your favorite restaurant later that evening or a casual gathering at someone's home immediately following the ceremony.

Whatever you do, allow yourself to be properly feted with "to the happy couple! The bottom line: Scaling back needn't mean skimping. Don't be afraid to still have all the wedding-y stuff you always wanted—the ring pillow or petal toss, the "love is patient, love is kind" Biblical reading. Yes, there are likely more time restraints with a courthouse ceremony but you can still squeeze in one or two special touches.

Also: Don't forget to send thank you cards, and slip in one of the group photos as a keepsake! DO get a good photographer Ask a guest with a professional-level camera and the skills to match to capture the story of the day—from the "bride getting ready" scene in your living room to your stylish departure from the scene. DON'T forget to ask for help Ask your most congenial friend to get there early and play hostess for the day.A courthouse wedding might not be the fairytale wedding most girls envision, but it can make for an intimate and affordable wedding option.

If you are considering getting married in a courthouse, individual states have different regulations and costs associated with a civil ceremony. A civil ceremony wedding is not without any planning. You will not be able to just walk in and declare you want to get married. A civil ceremony also does not mean you need to skip a reception and honeymoon. Obtain a marriage license. You can do this at the courthouse where you plan to get married.

Each state has different laws regarding marriage licenses, including required blood tests, costs, waiting periods and duration of license validity. To obtain your marriage license, you will need copies of both partners' birth certificates, photo identification, such as a driver's license, and Social Security number.

Book your wedding date. You can do this at the same time you apply for your marriage license. Courthouses are places of business, which means your ceremony will have to be on a weekday during normal business hours. The hours vary from state to state, but are typically between 8 a. While you are booking your date, also ask if the courthouse provides witnesses, how many guests are permitted to watch your ceremony and the fee you will be charged.

Besides the marriage license cost, you also will have to pay a fee to hold your ceremony in the courthouse and pay for the officiant. Most states require that you have at least two witnesses present to verify that you are of sound mind when you agree to wed.

how many guest can attend a courthouse wedding

Decide who you want to officiate your wedding. Most states have an officer of the court present to perform your ceremony. However in certain states, if you choose, laypeople are permitted to marry you. An on-day officiant, laypeople or Commissioner for a Day, is a family member or friend that has filed the proper paperwork and paid the fee to be eligible to marry you on your wedding day.

Applications must be filed a month before the ceremony date, in some states it is only required to be filed two weeks prior to the ceremony. The fees vary from state to state and this option is not available in every state. Invite guests.

If you want and are able to have a small group of friends and family join you in witnessing your union, send out invitations. You can do paper invites or if you want to be cost-conscious you can send electronic invitations.

Keep it intimate because room will be limited. If you are planning to have a dinner or party afterward as a reception, you could send out invitations for that.

How to Plan a Small Courthouse Wedding

When inviting guests to your wedding, make sure that the time of the wedding will not be an inconvenience to them. If your guest feels obligated to attend but logistically cannot it could create an awkward situation and put your guest in a tough position. Plan your reception or celebration on the weekend so more guests can attend. Decide what you are going to wear on your big day.

Just because you are having a civil service does not mean that you don't deserve to look like a blushing bride. You do not have to go out and buy an elaborate gown to feel beautiful. A cute dress you love could work, or buying a simple dress also can save money. If you purchase a new outfit you care wear again, it will be a solid investment and won't collect dust in the back of your closet.

Decorate the courthouse to give it a more romantic atmosphere.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: November 21, Reader-Approved References. Getting married in court is a great alternative to the traditional flashy wedding and there are a number of reasons why some couples choose this option.

For example, it is less expensive and much easier and faster to plan. To get married in a court, you need to acquire a marriage licenseselect a date, plan the ceremony, and enjoy the festivities!

To get married in court, contact your local courthouse about getting a marriage license, and gather the necessary documents, like a driver's license. Fill out the application and required paperwork for the license, and pay the fee before submitting your application to the court. Keep in mind that getting the license approved can take a few days.

If your court house works on a first-come first-serve basis, arrive early on the day that you want to get married. If they allow you to schedule a date, select a date and time that works for you. On the big day, select at least 1 person to be a witness to the ceremony! For tips on enjoying the ceremony, inviting guests, and handling photography, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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how many guest can attend a courthouse wedding

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Learn more Explore this Article Getting a Marriage License. Planning Your Court Ceremony. Enjoying the Ceremony. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles.A wedding is about celebrating you and your future spouse, which can make throwing an extravagant reception seem overwhelming not only for your schedule, but your wallet as well. You can still enjoy the same traditions in an intimate setting where the true focus is really you and yours.

The planning hurdles you encounter with a large wedding can sometimes make a couple lose focus of the reason you are throwing that great big party in the first place.

What about too few guests? Having a courthouse wedding means you may only need one witness at hand, and you can still invite your closest family and friends to attend just make sure to check the witness requirements and guest allowance, which vary by state. A courthouse wedding affords you an intimate ceremony with only those people who truly matter.

Getting married at the courthouse means you have the ultimate freedom to throw away the rules. All other components are simply optional. Never thought of wearing a wedding dress? No problem!

Come in denim. If you have a specific budget in mind, a courthouse wedding should be on your list. After the ceremony, take the party back to your home for a cookout.

Finding yourself searching for the perfect wedding venuebut that amazing museum or historical landmark will cost a fortune?

Consider none other than City Hall! In many cities, the City Hall building is anchored in the historical district and the walls are adorned in character. Those vaulted ceilings? Or consider hauling you and your husband and guests to a courthouse across the country, such as San Francisco or New York, where the architecture is dramatically beautiful and the pictures will be timeless. Just remember to plan in advance: Each state has different requirements between applying for your marriage license and having the ceremony.

Depending on your state, you may not be able to make reservations for your wedding ceremony. While waiting, take a moment to enjoy the happiness of other couples who are there to do the same very thing.

When we went to City Hall to get our marriage license, we saw so many couples waiting for their turn to make it official. The common thread, definitely love.

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States keep lists of these folks by counties or state, and all you'd need to do is get that list and contact them. Then you can do all sorts of inexpensive options. Anything from having a backyard wedding with the officiant, or even renting a private room. If money matters, Olive Garden does this sort of thing. If you're in a hurry, and keeping this small, these can be pulled together in a week or 2 once you have the officiant.

Contact the courthouse where the ceremony will be held. You will set a date and time. If you live in a large, metropolitan area, judge's schedule may be hectic or he may do marriages on certain days only. As many as can fit. Ask the courthouse what their capacity is, and consider your wedding guest list accordingly.

John Baldini. Answer Save. Messykatt Lv 7. Call the courthouse. It varies. Set a date. Vampire 4 years ago Report. Jenny Lynne Lv 7. That depends on the courthouse. Call and find out how many people you can have.


How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Exactly 31 people, in a all courthouses in all countries that have courthouse weddings. Jon G Lv 7. As many as you want, but courthouses are usually not that big. You'd have to ask the courthouse. Still have questions?Planning Tools Sign up Already a member?

Log in. Chit Chat New Discussion. August edited August in Chit Chat. Hi all! My fiance is joining the army, and we're planning on having a small ceremony at the JOP after he gets out of basic, and I was wondering if anybody here knows how many people are allowed in the room when you get married at a JOP?

I'd really like for both of our sets of parents and our siblings to be there, which is We're also on the fence about inviting FI's brother because he's been doing drugs and he's not a fan of marriage and we haven't told him about FI joining the army, but if we did invite him that'd be Report 0 Reply to Post.

Re: How many people are allowed in the room at a JOP wedding? August I think this is a question for your local courthouse. Every one has different rules and regulations, as well as room sizes. Report 2 Reply. OliveOilsMom South Jersey member.

Report 0 Reply. Report 1 Reply. My aunt got married in her house by a JOP. She had 30 people at her wedding. My point is you don't have to do it at the courthouse. Get married in a park, on the steps of the courthouse, at a restaurant. The venue doesn't matter, and you can make it fit the number of people you need.