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Divi video module autoplay loop

The Divi Video Module is an extremely easy and intuitive way to insert videos into your pages and posts. I know, I know, this sounds a bit trivial to some of you just push it twice, right? Cory Jenkins. When I am not designing awesome stuff, I enjoy hanging out with my family, watching baseball and exploring the great outdoors. Thats very interesting — thank you. Since I am new to divi I did not really understand where exactly to insert that code.

Please give me some advice. Thank you. Is this working for any post type? Thanks in advance. For now the shortcode has been removed, so the code displaying should now work. Hello Guido, sorry for any trouble with this snippet… Our syntax highlighter plugin stopped working, so some shortcode was displaying, which may have caused the code to not function properly. It really should be default functionality. Hello Dominic, sorry for any trouble with this snippet… Our syntax highlighter plugin stopped working, so some shortcode was displaying, which may have caused the code to not function properly.

Hi Paul, are you using videos hosted by YouTube or Vimeo? This code will not work if the videos are self hosted. Thanks for this, Cory, works great. One slight hick-up on slider video module. When you select another video the previous video reloads and starts playing again. Selecting the new video merely cause both videos to play over one another. There needs to be some way to halt the previous video. Thanks Cory. This is great. Hey Cory, has anything changed? Thank you.This might not work in all scenarios as you might not be able to get the positioning exactly as you like.

divi video module autoplay loop

Then in the column that you added the background too, add a divider module and set the height to match the height of the video. If you are looking for more information on Divi then please check out DiviLibs, containing links to over 70 Divi related websites and over 10 Divi Facebook groups. Website Features We offer a range of packages to suit all business needs. View Other Examples of Our Work. About 's Website FeaturesWe offer a range of packages to suit all business needs.

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To fix this either in the theme stylesheet or in the Facebook Twitter Instagram. Rather than using the video module, add the video as the column background. Divi Websites and Facebook Groups If you are looking for more information on Divi then please check out DiviLibs, containing links to over 70 Divi related websites and over 10 Divi Facebook groups.

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Adding a Video Background to the Divi Theme

Recent Comments.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How can I create a div that contains an autoplay video silently like this site?

To autoplay video you could use embeded iframe provided by YouTube and that would be fairly simple:. You can find more information on parameters you can pass to iframe here. But, to autoplay video silently you will need to use JavaScript. Here is the example of similar to your question:.

Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 9k times. Question is, why the muted attribute didn't work After reading you comments I think this post will give you way how to move forward: stackoverflow. Active Oldest Votes. Chirag Gojaria Chirag Gojaria 47 1 1 silver badge 9 9 bronze badges. You didn't mention that detail in your question.

Do you want to autoplay multiple videos silently simultaneously?

divi video module autoplay loop

That sounds like a ruined UX indeed. In any case, if you don't host these multiple videos on your side and want to embed them from other video hosting platforms - the code for every video will vary. Here is a sample showing the code work when the source is a valid video. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

How To Disable Slider Video Loop in Divi WordPress Theme

Sign up using Facebook.If you do, then this is the tool for you! We found the normal Divi Theme to be great for videos but the exact effects we wanted required some custom code. Using our Video Toolkit means you no longer need to add custom code to make your videos display the way you want. A custom post type with categories to simplify your video library management. Works with multiple display preferences and the easy to use Divi Builder. To create maximum flexibility, we have made multiple trigger options to display a video.

This means you are sure to get the effect you want. With the our Video Toolkit you can trigger a video popover from images, buttons or text. The module also allows you to edit the light box color of your popover.

Having a grid of videos in a library can be a great option when it comes to displaying lots of videos. In the standard Divi Theme this can hit your load time with lots of embeds loading from Youtube. With our Video Toolkit we only load simple thumbnails and each video is displayed in a distraction free light box.

This is not only fast loading but is a great way to watch videos.

divi video module autoplay loop

The grid is powered by a custom post type so if you want videos in multiple places around your site you can enter it once. Using Images and buttons to trigger a light box is a tried and trusted method in modern web design. With our modules you can trigger a new video light box with an image so that on press it loads the video with auto play option.

We even included some shortcode tools and documentation to ensure you can watch your video using a simple text link. This makes the production process and triggering of your videos even more flexible. Also included in the Divi modules are a load of design options so you can color your light box and add Call To Action buttons to the experience.

Our Video Toolkit enables you to quickly and easily place videos inside your page layouts as well as make video libraries. Additional plugin features include:. To use this product you need to have the following plugins installed on your WordPress installation:. Yes you can. We have options for that the post meta fields and divi module for single video.

Yes it does. You can customise your vimeo player on the plus and pro plans to control how that player works however it will use the Vimeo player for your videos. For self-hosted videos we recommend using a CDN. Buy Now Free Trial. Changelogs 5.Divi Carousel Module plugin adds an advanced module to Divi and Extra theme builder. With this module, you can add any amount of carousel slider in your website. It has some exceptional features that give you the advantage of controlling almost everything within this module.

And with those features, you can design an unlimited number of carousels. Also, some crafted layout has been created with so many design variation which you can download from the demo page and use on your site.

Divi Carousel Module 2. With lifetime updates! License Choose an option 1 site unlimited site Clear. Type of carousel. Content Carousel. Testimonial Carousel. Newly Added Feature in 2.

Divi Carousel Module Features. Supports both Visual and Backend Builder. Fully Responsive And Clean Design. Supported all Modern browsers. Work with Divi theme, Extra theme and divi builder. Unleash endless possibility. Videos For Divi Carousel Module. Divi Carousel Module Intro. How to Import the demo layouts. How to create team carousel slider with Divi Carousel Module. How to create the logo carousel with Divi Carousel Module. Search for:. Be Surprised.

All rights reserved. Choose an option 1 site unlimited site Clear.We recently had a customer request for a new feature. They asked about auto play in our Video Toolkit. We thought that was a fantastic idea and very useful so we added it to Video Toolkit. You will see it in the Post Type and Overlay module. This means when you open the video lightbox it can now auto play the video on load. It is using the default parameters for these players.

How to autoplay the video in Divi Slider Module?

You can take a look at the screenshot below to see the new Auto Play checkbox. If you already are using the Video Toolkit just update it in the WordPress updates area.

Autoplay Video Module YouTube Clips on Hover

The update will automatically occur. We also fixed the installation process. You will be asked to instal ACF Pro and we give you a link to it on installation.

Let us know and we can work towards an update for that plugin or an all new plugin or feature. We may end up doing video series to answer your questions. Skip to content We recently had a customer request for a new feature. Vimeo and Youtube both have auto play flags in their video embed players. About The Author. My daily tasks include the non-technical aspect of web development.

SEO, technical documentation and UX etc. All of which gives me a good perspective on the products I create. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. We track your page activity and your individual details in our CRM.The Divi Theme has a nice option to add a video background to page sections.

This lets you show videos instead of simple images behind your content. This post explains how to add a video background section to your Divi blog. Hopefully you know how to start a new page in WordPress. Now give your new page a title. It should look something like this:. Creating a new page for your Divi Background image. The screen you are currently looking at is the default WordPress editor. But Divi comes with something better — the "Page Builder".

The page builder lets you build up complex page layouts easily, without coding knowledge. Now your screen will look like this:. The Page Builder allows you to create sections within your page and lay out content within those pages in a series of rows and columns allowing you to quickly build up a wide variety of page layouts. The following image shows a close up of the page builder, with the default section indicated in red:.

The Divi section block and section options button. It is this section of the page that we'll apply the video background to. To add the video background we need to open the section settings. This can be done by clicking on the "three lines" button at the top of the blue section control bar.

Click it and the section options will appear like so:. If you scroll the options screen down a little bit, you'll find the following "Background Video MP4" option:. This is where we can upload our video.

How To Enable “One-Click” Play Functionality In The Divi Video Module

Note that it is recommended that you upload the video in MP4 format to ensure maximum browser compatibility. To start uploading the video, click "Upload a video".

The familiar WordPress file upload screen will appear:. Select your video file either by uploading it from your computer, or by selecting an existing video from the Media Library tab. You'll then be returned to the Section options screen, which will now show your choice of background video marked here in red :.

Section module settings with your background video choice. At this point we've added the video background to our section. We could preview the page at this point to see it in action, but if we do we'll be a little disappointed. As there is no content in the page most of our video background will be hidden by the footer.

In order to view the page in its full glory, we'll first add some content to the page. At this point we should be back at the page builder screen. The first thing we need to do is add a column to our layout in which we'll put our content.

To do so, click the"Insert Columns" link marked in red :. You'll now be presented with Divi's many column layout options. To keep things simple we'll select a single full-width column layout, by clicking on the single column layout as indicated in red:. Having clicked on the single column layout we'll be returned to the Page Builder.

divi video module autoplay loop

It looks the same apart from one subtle difference — the "Insert Columns" link has been replaced by an "Insert Modules" link, as shown:. Click "Insert Modules" and you'll be presented with a choice of modules which are the blocks of content that will make up your page.

The simplest of these is the "Text Module". We'll use this for our content, so click on it now, as shown:.